Basic Art Education in the Jakobstad/Pietarsaari Region

Welcome to the Wava Institute!

The Wava Institute offers basic art education in the Jakobstad/Pietarsaari region and is located in Campus Allegro, where we have purpose-built and inspiring teaching facilities for all art forms. You too can become one of the over 800 children and youths who participate in our activities in music, visual arts, theater, dance, or literary arts. The studies last several years and are goal-oriented.

A creative hobby provides valuable skills, fun moments with friends, and wonderful art experiences. The teaching takes place in the afternoons and evenings under the guidance of teachers who are trained in their respective art fields.

Registration is done electronically via
Students are accepted in the order of registration.

During the ongoing school year, you can contact the office to inquire about available student places.
Tel. 044 785 1279

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